You Irritating Ingrates! Why won’t you line up for suicide-by-jab? Or enter the killing fields of Remdesivir? Oh, how you vex them so. (Yet to us, you are all Patriot heroes! Keep the faith friends!) 

Question: Have you or a loved one suffered at the hands of the Borg? Contact us so we can share your harrowing and/or inspirational story!

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It’s been one month today since we broke this story: America’s Doctor Warns: Do Whatever it Takes to Keep Out of America’s Hospitals, as the CDC Protocol is Deadly and yet American hospital deaths are still piling up.  But not enough, say our degenerate overlords!


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It has been encouraging to see that this message has gotten out, thanks to Dr Bryan Ardis, Attorney Thomas Renz, and many others too, but not enough, in our opinion.

As AZ State Sen Wendy Rogers said yesterday, “WE are the plan!”)

The powers that be have clearly grown weary of our continued resistance. We see countless people now losing their jobs…be they nurses, doctors, staff, or other folks who are convicted to hold onto their bodily autonomy, whatever the reason why (and BTW, we shouldn’t have to EXPLAIN THESE REASONS!) These heroes will be rewarded one day, whether in this world or the next. We sincerely think this one. So hold tight!


DID YOU KNOW? That there is NO MANDATE, NO LAW, NO EXECUTIVE ORDER FROM ON HIGH…yet!…that has actually stated that hospitals or government agencies or ANYONE, for that matter, must demand your vaccine papers to stay employed?  That’s right. NOT ONE LAW! It was simply a news conference on 9/10/21 by Hunter’s Dad, the CCP Puppet-in-Chief and then every radical agency, clinic and hospital, business owner, and tiny tyrant in the land instituted a “mandate” that wasn’t legal and wasn’t mandated.

How do we know this? Because conservative, common-sense state attorneys general are lining up and ready to SUE the government, but HAVE NOTHING TO CITE! No statute to quote, no law to argue, no agency decision to dispute. NOTHING TO FIGHT, OFFICIALLY!  It’s simply been the responses of petit martinets to that press conference that has caused you or your loved ones to lose their jobs!  They have bought into the hive-mind! This is egregious beyond the pale!

One thing that’s been very clear, the continuous march toward totalitarian and authoritarian control of our bodies/lives has begun to wake up many of the remaining masses. At least those of us with a non-seared conscience who hold onto common sense (and the Holy Spirit!) by the skin of our teeth. Others who have been doubly—or now triply—vaxxed seem to be under some kind of spell. Hmmm. Makes ya think, doesn’t it? 

What is happening? 

Seriously. Those of us who remain untainted by the ‘Woke’ mask and vaxx culture will stand our ground. We will not back down. And that being the case, and now they know it, they will throw EVERYTHING including the kitchen sink at us. 

Exhibit any opposition, even attending recent school board meetings or (the HORROR!)you dared to be in Washington, DC (you know, your nation’s capital!) on January 6, and the collective hive-mind will deem you to be the threat. The collective wants to intimidate you. The collective wants you to cower in fear. Well, the collective is going to Hell, just not quickly enough. At least, not until these Hunger Games are over, apparently. 

Want to argue with pornography or pedophilia seeping into your child’s school? BAM! You must be a domestic terrorist. 

Want to argue with the building of a caliphate in (insert any Middle East despotic country)? BAM! You must be a domestic terrorist. 

Want to celebrate America (or any of her holidays?) and stand against the ugly mob who burns flags, kneels during anthems, wreaks havoc on cities, and demands we defund the Police!? BAM! You must be a domestic terrorist. 

Want to join up with like minded Patriots for ______ (fill in the blank: opposing mask/vaxx mandates at state capitols, doing a caravan drive around the city, disagree with patriots stuck in solitary confinement for no actual crime committed, unhappy with the disastrous and deadly pullout of Afghanistan, want to keep your job but also not Kill yourself)…BAM! You, my friend, must be a domestic terrorist. 

The crème de la crème for us came today. 


Some woke Yahoo yahoo named Hunter Walker writing on some obscure site—which I refuse to mention—has reached out to our whole team to let us know that he is about to publish our names as part of the insurrection on 1/6. Apparently this Hive-mind hammerhead (who is most likely also a member of the untrustworthy Trusted News Initiative) has hacked or somehow acquired the list of VIPs at the Ellipse on that fateful day and is threatening to “expose” us. 

Come at me, bro! 

So guess what? We will not go quietly. Our friends may be arrested for no reason (see Jeremy Brown), but we will not disappear without first a noble fight. 

THIS is my weapon. Exposure. Media. National Discussion. You! 

If “Hunter” thinks we will cower and falter and deny what’s in our civic DNA, the Christian Patriot inside me says BRING IT! 

They may haul me off, because I won’t back down speaking absolute TRUTH. Then so be it. I’m in excellent company. 

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