On Thursday President Biden spoke at the Clayco data center construction site in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Biden was promoting compulsory Covid vaccinations (White House transcript here).

Has OSHA — the federal agency assigned to promulgate the mandate on the private sector — gotten around to issuing the “emergency” regulation Biden has ordered up? Answer: No.

On Thursday the White House also issued a 26-page report on the utility of vaccine requirements (posted here). Biden referred to it in his Elk Grove remarks.

Biden singled out FOX News for mockery in his remarks: “Even — this I always get a kick out of — Fox News. (Laughter.) Fox News requires vaccinations for all employees. (Applause.) Give me a break. Fox News.” Is that true? Answer: No. (“According to a memo from a Fox executive, some 90% of full-time employees said they were fully vaccinated; those who are not must take a daily COVID test.”)

It’s interesting to see the corrections marked in the White House transcript of Biden’s remarks. Here is a good one: “I’ve not only purchased enough vaccine to make sure every single American can get a vaccine shot, get the full dose and a booster, but provide — already we’ve put out a million eight hundred thousand [one hundred and eighty million] doses of vaccines to other parts of the world.”

Biden introduced the local eminences attending his reading from the teleprompter (video below). That’s easy for him to say!

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