Nancy Pelosi lashed out at the media today after one reporter questioned her failure of selling Biden’s 3.5 trillion dollar boondoggle, asking if she needed to do a better job with messaging:

Here’s how Pelosi responded: “Well I think you all could do a better job of selling it to be very frank with you…”

What an amazing response, which tells us a lot about the relationship between the Democrat media complex, otherwise known as the mainstream media, and the leaders of the Democrat party like Nancy Pelosi.

She refuses to accept this as her failure and blames the media, making clear that she absolutely expects them to fall in line and do her bidding because they are an arm of the Democrat Party.

Can you imagine a Republican responding like this to reporters??? That alone would be a huge scandal with talking media heads everywhere claiming it’s not their job to help Republicans sell anything.

But I doubt you’ll hear the media buck Queen Pelosi on this. In fact they probably won’t even cover it.

UPDATE: Here’s a longer version of the video:

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