Nearly two dozen state lawmakers have condemned the viral harassment in September of two conservative Arizona State University students.

“This situation is highly concerning and reflects the worst, most divisive elements of humanity,” says a letter authored by state Rep. Jake Hoffman (R-AZ). “It also raises many questions about Arizona’s public university system on issues ranging from funding to systemic breakdowns in management, oversight, and accountability.”

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Last month’s viral video featured two White male students completing homework in a “multicultural” space on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus who were harassed by two non-White female students. One of the conservative students had a laptop sticker that read “Police Lives Matter,” and the other was wearing a shirt that said “Did Not Vote For Biden.”

In response to the incident, Hoffman’s letter threatens to pull public funding from the university. 

“The racially-charged removal of these students from the multicultural center begs the question of why Arizonans are being forced to spend tens, potentially hundreds, of millions of their hard-earned tax dollars on a building at a public university that some of our citizens are not allowed to use,” the letter reads. “The institutionalization of racism and the exploitation of taxpayer dollars to implement it certainly has no place in Arizona, or any other state.”

Hoffman, who is a member of Arizona’s House Committee on Appropriations, announced that he would work alongside nineteen other lawmakers to “take the appropriation” in the state’s upcoming budget.

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Indeed, incidents of left-wing harassment frequently occur at Arizona State University.

In 2018, members of Antifa assaulted a group of peaceful Trump supporters who were demonstrating on campus. 

More recently, an unknown group of students created Instagram and Twitter pages to slander the conservative ticket for a student government race at Arizona State University. The pages targeted each candidate on the ticket, calling them “hyper-conservative, cop-loving, BLM-hating candidates.”

Campus Reform reached out to Hoffman and Arizona State University for comment; this article will be updated accordingly.

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