A lot of people in the comments are cheering on a judge who’s been handing down harsher sentences for people who stormed the Capitol on January 6 than prosecutors sought, but hold on; there’s more to the story:

Reuters reports:

A federal judge in Washington has repeatedly sentenced people who stormed the U.S. Capitol to more prison time than prosecutors sought, saying that even people who were not violent should face consequences for joining the unprecedented assault.

In the past week, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan has imposed sentences ranging from 14 to 45 days on four people who pleaded guilty to unlawful parading and picketing inside the Capitol building on Jan. 6 — a misdemeanor offense.

“There have to be consequences for participating in an attempted violent overthrow of the government, beyond sitting at home,” Chutkan said at one of the hearings.

So the judge has sentenced four people who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of parading and picketing inside the Capitol — not storming it. So “participating in an attempted violent overthrow of the government” seems a bit of a stretch.

Sentence people appropriately, but don’t lump in those charged with “parading” with the rioters just because they were in the building.

A lot of people are talking about Reuters’ choice of photo, which caught our attention as well. We thought the riots happened during the day and don’t recall any fire.

Reuters doesn’t mention any manipulation of the photo, captioning it, “An explosion caused by a police munition is seen while supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump gather in front of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, U.S., January 6, 2021.”


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