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FOSTORIA, OH – A 26-year-old male suspect was arrested earlier in October after authorities say she tried to stab a Fostoria Police officer with a steel rod through the officer’s vehicle window. The officer in question sustained some cuts from the broken glass on her cruiser window.

On October 11th, Fostoria Police Officer Jennifer Muro responded to an apartment complex on the 1200 block of Peeler Drive after reports came in regarding a possibly intoxicated male who was acting violently.

When the officer arrived on the scene, authorities say that 26-year-old Sophine Williams approached the officer’s cruiser and stabbed through the driver’s side window with a 12-inch long steel rod.

EMS reportedly arrived on the scene and tried to help Williams, but authorities say he remained combative. Despite attempts to flee the area, authorities say that police were able to apprehend the suspect.

Sophine Williams – Fostoria Police Division

The suspect was eventually transported to the emergency room at Fostoria Community Hospital and was later arrested under charges of burglary, felonious assault, and vandalism.

Officer Muro also received treatment at an area hospital for cuts to her face from the broken glass, as well as shattered glass entering her eyes.

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Two Philadelphia cops shot, nursing assistant killed at Jefferson Hospital by gunman

(Originally published October 5th, 2021)

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Authorities say that a 55-year-old man shot and killed and coworker at Jefferson University Hospital on October 4th before fleeing the scene in a U-Haul truck and later wounding two Philadelphia Police officers in exchanged gunfire where officers also wounded the suspect as well.

Details about the incident are still developing, but here are the details known thus far.

On October 4th at approximately 12:08 a.m., Philadelphia Police were alerted about a gunman on the ninth floor of Jefferson Hospital at 11th and Chestnut streets in Philadelphia’s Center City. A nursing assistant, identified by family members as 43-year-old Anrae James, was fatally shot.

Reports indicate that the suspect who killed James was a coworker, identified as 55-year-old Stacey Hayes, was also a nursing assistant. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw stated that it is unclear whether Hayes was actively on-duty at the hospital at the time of the shooting.

However, Hayes was reportedly wearing scrubs at the time of the shooting incident.

Officials proclaim that Hayes fled the hospital in a U-Haul truck following the shooting.

At approximately 1:25 a.m., Philadelphia Police encountered the suspect after a passerby at 40th Street and Parkside Avenue in the Parkside section of the city flagged down officers about a man in scrubs shooting into the air, according to Commissioner Outlaw:

“The report was that there was a male in scrubs, with a weapon or a long gun, who was potentially firing rounds in the air or just had a gun.”

When officers encountered the suspect, he reportedly opened fire on them. Two officers were struck by gunfire, with officials saying a 30-year-old officer was hit in the right elbow and a 32-year-old officer was struck in the nose.

The unnamed officer struck in the elbow is reportedly in critical but stable condition at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, whereas the officer struck in the nose was treated and released from the same hospital.

Both of the officers have been with the Philadelphia Police Department for six years.

The two other officers on the scene were not injured during the shootout.

Hayes was reportedly shot in the upper body and neck and has since been transferred to an area hospital, where he is expected to survive. Commissioner Outlaw stated that the suspect was wearing body armor during the firefight:

“We learned that he was wearing body armor, and was carrying multiple weapons. In addition to the long gun which was believed to be an AR-15, he was also carrying some form of a semi-automatic handgun.”

Hayes’ family reportedly told investigators that he was suffering mental health issues recently, and sources proclaim that Hayes was known to police and had firearms confiscated at some point due to psychiatric reasons. Hayes petitioned the courts in 2020 to have access to firearms restored, which his petition was successful.

Mayor Jim Kenney released the following statement regarding the incident:

“I want to acknowledge and commend the work of the first responders and police officers who responded to the horrific incident overnight at Jefferson Hospital. Their quick response in finding the perpetrator stopped this situation from escalating further.

Tragically, one Jefferson employee was killed and two officers were badly wounded-my prayers are with them and their families. Early this morning, I visited with the officers to thank them for their heroic work and wish them a speedy recovery.

The Philadelphia Police Department is conducting a full investigation. This is yet another example of weaponry that is far too powerful being in the hands of people who shouldn’t have access to them. We need common-sense gun laws to stop these tragedies that have become all too frequent.”

The father of the nursing assistant killed inside of the hospital, 69-year-old William James, spoke to The Philadelphia Inquirer about the pleasant memories with his son who’d come and cut his hair every two weeks – never taking a dollar for it, despite his father’s insistence at times:

“That’s some of the best times for me, where we sit down for those couple hours.”

William James said his son leaves behind his wife and two daughters, ages 2 and 17, and an 11-year-old son, saying “my son’s legacy is his kids.” William James said his son Anrae had a unique way of figuring things out, often getting his father to expand his perspective by trying to place himself in other people’s shoes:

“It was a beautiful, beautiful thing. And I ain’t gon’ have that no more. I’m not going to have that… It’s just not fair.”

A possible motive for the killing has not yet been released by authorities.

Please follow us at Law Enforcement Today as we continue to gather further insight into this developing case.

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Detective shot multiple times by fleeing suspect during drug investigation – now they’ve got the shooter

(Originally published October 2nd, 2021)

WARRIOR, AL – A Warrior Police detective who was in the early stages of a narcotics investigation was reportedly shot multiple times by a fleeing suspect earlier in September.

The detective was rushed to an area hospital and is in stable condition, with officials adding that the suspect has been taken into custody.

The incident occurred at approximately 9: 40 p.m. on September 30th, as 33-year-old Detective Lee Glenn was engaged in the preliminary stages of a narcotics investigation in the area of McCart Drive and Main Street, according to Warrior Police Chief Scott Praytor.

Detective Glenn was sitting inside of his vehicle when he noticed a male subject walking in the street toward the vehicle that he was in. The detective exited his vehicle, which the suspect then reportedly started to run from the area.

Officials say that Detective Glenn told the suspect to stop running, which then the suspect allegedly turned around and opened fire on the detective – striking him multiple times in the torso.

Detective Glenn was UAB Hospital, which Chief Praytor says that he’s doing well, considering the circumstances:

“He was stable and he was looking better than when he was transported so that goods news. I would ask that everybody pray for this officer. He’s a good officer. He was out there doing a good job.”

The suspected shooter is 20-year-old Julian Scott McKenzie of Warrior.

Police say he was arrested and booked into the Jefferson County Jail on an attempted murder charge.  He’s being held without bond.

One area that Chief Praytor expressed immense appreciation for was the response from neighboring law enforcement agencies:

“When it’s a smaller city, you depend on that help. Everybody came together and they were able to secure the crime scene, get my officer help, get him to the hospital, get the suspect in custody and end the danger to the rest of the citizens of Warrior fairly quickly and I do want to thank them for that.”

While acknowledging that Warrior is a smaller city than compared to others, Chief Praytor noted that they’re not immune to the sorts of crimes targeting law enforcement that often plague larger cities:

“This doesn’t just happen in big cities. Anywhere you have police officers working this kind of thing can happen anytime. We have to appreciate our officers who are out there at night, keeping us safe.

We talk about it every day here, that this can happen at any time. We have to be on our guard. We’re just praying that our officer comes through this OK and we can heal as a department and as a city.”

This isn’t the first time that Detective Glenn has come under fire, as he was involved in the shooting incident from February of 2020 on I-65 that left Kimberly Police officer Nick O-Rear dead. During that incident, Detective Glenn was parked along the I-65 when he spotted a black BMW driving erratically after the driver noticed his patrol cruiser.

Detective Glenn activated his lights and pursued the vehicle, with the driver being identified as 38-year-old Preston Johnson. Authorities say that Johnson failed to stop, and Officer O’Rear heard the radio traffic regarding the pursuit and joined in.

When Officer O’Rear pulled onto the I-65, his vehicle was positioned ahead of Johnson’s and Detective Glenn was pursuing him from the rear. A woman who was riding with Johnson was allegedly told to retrieve a gun from inside of the vehicle, which she reportedly refused.

The woman told authorities that following her refusal to grab the gun, Johnson reached into the backseat and reportedly produced a Norinco Mak-90 AK-47.

Johnson allegedly fired through his front windshield at Officer O’Rear’s vehicle and then show through his back windshield toward Detective Glenn’s squad car. Officer O’Rear was struck and later died at the hospital, while Detective Glenn was not harmed during the shooting.

Authorities later apprehended Johnson and he’s since been charged with the officer’s murder. His case is still ongoing.


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