Anthony Fauci isn’t a fool. He just thinks everyone else is. This is why he’s been able to keep a straight face throughout the rapid devolution surrounding the narrative of his beloved vaccines. They were touted as practically 100% effective in the beginning. Today, some are saying they have zero impact on whether its recipients contract Covid-19 or not.

A new video highlights the moving goalpost of vaccine effectiveness, starting with all of the reports that show it is 100% or 99% effective and flashing through as the number quickly dropped… and kept dropping. Meanwhile, Fauci has been playing everyone for a fool throughout.

The so-called “vaccines” haven’t just been the victim of declining numbers. They’ve also suffered from a shift in how they’re presented to the people. In the beginning, they were the pathway to immunity. Then, they became labeled as “protection” against Covid-19. Today, they’re barely even touted as a viable treatment, but that’s not stopping the vaxx-nannies and medical dictators of the world from demanding that everyone get jabbed despite the failures and risks inherent in the drugs.

This is all part of the Big Lie that Anthony Fauci and his globalist puppetmasters want perpetuated for as long as possible, even indefinitely if too many people remain entranced by Pandemic Panic Theater.

Video source: Twitter

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