From an obscure, Northwestern-Ohio solo law practice to leading the charge for freedom and to hold those responsible for killing tens of thousands by pushing COVID-19 lies and denying life-saving treatments, Attorney Thomas Renz has had quite a year. He rejoins the MAGA Institute Podcast to update us on where his efforts stand today and to preview what’s yet to come.

Regular listeners and readers will recognize Tom’s name. He was the first attorney to stand up to represent people who wanted to make medical decisions for themselves and he has become a leading light of Liberty in these benighted times.

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The beautiful thing is that the more they try to discredit him, the more the corporate media confirm that what he’s been alleging in court is true. Case in point: the CMS Medicare database exposé.

Last month, we reported that Attorney Renz was in receipt of proof from a whistleblower that CDC and FDA knew that Remdesivir and the notavax injections were lethal. The usual Trusted Media Initiative demons (foremost amongst them WashPo) immediately went into a frenzy, falling all over themselves to attempt to discredit Renz by falsely claiming (i.e., lying) that there is no such thing as the CMS Medicare database.

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Then, two weeks ago, we reported that Renz is in possession of a DoD-sponsored program document that confirms that it is those who have been jabbed that represent the bulk of recent hospitalizations and deaths…which document relied on data from…wait for it…the CMS Medicare database.

Tom is supporting the fight across the nation and just today sent information to Texas State Senator Bob Hall in support of legislation to codify Governor Greg Abbott’s recent executive order banning “vaccine” mandates as a requirement of employment in Texas. The hope is that the accurate data about the deathjabs causing the majority of hospitalizations and deaths will give the Senate ample grounds upon which to base it’s legislative determination.

He is also looking for one hospital in the nation that will perform transplants without requiring that the recipient and/or donor get the jab.

We are proud to call Thomas Renz a friend and to help spread the word about the information he is exposing. If you are a legal professional or para-professional (or know one) who would like to join the fight, please CLICK HERE or go to and hit the JOIN THE FIGHT button at the top.

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