I mean, to what other conclusion are we to come? 

At the altar of transgenderism, your public schools and now the DOJ have determined that if you dare push to back with discontent should your daughter be sexually assaulted at public school, YOU ARE A DOMESTIC TERRORIST!  Are you kidding me? 

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Has the Earth tilted off her axis? Are we beyond the Rubicon now? How do we get back to some semblance of normalcy without the bloodshed with which the Left continues to bait us normal Americans? 

When the Loudon County (VA) school board removed and arrested the rightfully angry father of a young teenager raped in her public school restroom by a beskirted transgender rapist, that school board stoked a fire they cannot contain. Parents will fight back. Parents will push this situation to its fullest degree. Parents MUST bankrupt these schools everywhere. And we intend to. 

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We are now on the brink of devastation and world war, and the Left cares more about protecting a rapist in skirts than the realities at home and abroad, or the life and psyche of a 14-year-old girl, obviously. 

Oh, and by the way, that school buried the assault described above and he went on to rape another girl. This first assault happened LAST SCHOOL YEAR, and it’s been hidden from media by the school, the Sheriffs Office, and the lunatic Loudon County government. And the result, predictably, was another girl raped by this same beskirted boy in a girls’ bathroom. 

Here’s a newsflash from our free speech Moses, Dave Chapelle: “Gender is a fact!” And rapists—no matter their life choices—should be locked up! 

The solution is right in front of us. TAKE YOUR KIDS OUT! Rescue your kids! NOW! Remove the school boards who behave like this. Remove a sheriff who doesn’t arrest a rapist in school. Replace the county commissions of any county looking away from these crimes. Make them all pay. Every “public servant” who didn’t fight for this girl last school year needs to be out of the public sector completely.  

The solution must be swift. It must HURT. It must cut them off at the knees, metaphorically. Organize and DO IT NOW! 

Are you in a county like this one who turns a blind eye to crime at your school? Contact us. Let’s do something. Now! 

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