Oh, my lands. This entire episode is deliciously cynical and sarcastic and ironic from beginning to end. Every word. It’s like reading a chapter from The Screwtape Letters, the words literally saying one thing, but literally meaning something entirely different. Whew.

Bottom line: Tucker sets the record straight on the insidious “Russian propaganda” that has you believing Joe Biden is anything less than a saint.

Highlights include:

“You can’t really trust your own senses anymore, your eyes will lie to you.”

“That’s an unnerving thought — especially when you realize that ultimately Vladimir Putin is behind it all. Russian disinformation is everywhere in this country; it’s lurking even within our own minds.”

“Calm down, America. That Southwest Airlines story is as fake as Hunter Biden’s laptop. Don’t let the Russians lie to you. People love the vaccine mandates, even the thousands who’ve been fired because of them. They know perfectly well how naughty they’ve been, they need discipline and they’re grateful to get it.”

“It’s inspiring when you think about it. Joe Biden on his first day in office promised to bring this country together and now he’s actually doing it.”

“It doesn’t matter what team you’ve showed up to root for. In your heart, you are a Joe Biden fan, and that is national unity.”

“No, not everyone is for this, of course. To Vladimir Putin, who hates us for our freedoms, and also because he’s Russian, this is a threat.”

“Vladimir Putin is making up stories about our hospitals here in the United States. Putin claims that our healthcare system is collapsing because of Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates, and that’s preposterous. And yet somehow, those crafty and relentless Kremlin propagandists have managed to get that story onto American television.”

“We’ve just given you a snapshot of what’s happening in the country, but it’s happening all around the country, from coast to coast and all through the middle of the country. And it’s happening right now.”

“And that means, in the coming months, you’re going to call 911 for an emergency, or you’re going to show up at the hospital with an injury, or you’re going to try to catch an airplane flight, and you will notice that you can’t. Because the hospitals, the police departments, the fire departments, your airlines — none of them work anymore.”

“Joe Biden is gonna take the blame for this if the Russians have their way.”

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