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Like a heavy, suffocating blanket being drawn up over our nation to keep us warm, the dark, godless tenants of Marxism are being drawn over what was once the great American Republic to make and keep us enslaved to their religion of government free-living whether we want it or not. By its very nature, Marxism must become a totalitarian state to maintain its power. That’s a given, and they know it and, while that power rush won’t’ last, it’ll’ last long enough to erase the memory of what a wonderful blessing God gifted us with our hard-earned Constitutional Representative Republic. Soon, if we don’t’ take action now, it will indeed be gone.

This Covid business, an unannounced gift from China, grew in the demented little minds of Biden’s Progressives as an unexpected opportunity to spread fear by implementing the idea that mandates would work to control us with fear. It became their vehicle for bringing on the fundamental changes to America that Obama promised, especially our rights of refusal. They have until the next elections to get it right, by their standards, and it is our duty to do all in our power to assist in their failure by slowing down or stopping their odious unconstitutional programs. It’s’ called nullification and non-compliance.

But, who shall we assist in these endeavors? Certainly not the majority of the GOP Congress members who have converted to the deep state.

The growing body of political activists running for office who want to swing the balance back to constitutional conservatism desperately needs our assistance. We have been constantly deceived by both Republicans and Democrats, who are the Deep State authors of the classic political tactic of false opposing dialogues. Democrats claim there was no fraud while our Republican leaders cunningly demand implementation of preventative “”voter fraud”” measures, which never gets done. The evidence is mounting that the November 2020 election was indeed riddled with election fraud that showed nearly all fraud claims were committed not by voters, but were organized by democrat election officials or those close to them.

Is preventing election fraud our only recourse? No, it’s’ not but, if you believe it is, then you should volunteer to be an election polling monitor and refuse any order by the poll officials to abandon your watch post, short of a fire or earthquake actually shaking your building. But, before elections, make it your business to attend your county and city commissioners’ meetings and if you don’t’ like what you hear, stand up and say so.

Resist and do not comply with anything that commands disobedience to the US Constitution.

If you’re’ pushed, take notes, make video recordings with your smartphone device and share what was heard and said to all your contacts, but under no circumstances allow yourself to be shouted down and out until you’re’ actually dragged away by the police. Go shouting, and you will feel an exuberance that will renew your soul.  

Too, always bear in mind that what happens in your local community, and doesn’t seem right, probably has a string attached by the Left to advance the United Nations Agenda 21 scheme. This program is expected to bring local communities into the Socialist fold, slowly, softly but by default of common acceptance. Remember, the officials who present themselves as “District Officials” in your state are unelected bureaucrats possessing no Constitutional legitimacy. Of course, the same thing can now be said about Biden and his administration, illegitimate! 

The Democrat Party, or whoever is running it, is running roughshod over our Constitutionality attempting to write laws for Joe to sign before the midterm elections. Some pundits report the Democrat Party is in a panic, especially with the prospect of a return of Donald Trump to the White House. They’re’ not, really. They never panic. Only Republicans panic and are willing to throw away victory when facing the jaws of defeat. We have to change that. 

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get educated!

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