I am so old, I remember when socialists claimed that people would be better off under socialism. What’s weird is not that historical experience has forced socialists to abandon the pretense that socialism is beneficial to anyone outside their ruling elite, but rather, that socialism still exists.

A case in point, from a leftist named Carl Beijer:

Beijer is a nobody of whom I had never heard, but a nobody with 55,000 Twitter followers. To paraphrase John Lennon: You may say that I’m a nut, but I’m not the only one. If today’s socialists think food shortages are no big deal, it is because they assume they will be among the privileged who will eat well while others starve. This Twitter response to Beijer’s post challenges that assumption:

Mr. Beijer is a small fish, to be sure. But socialism nostalgia is common on the Left. To cite just one example, recall the New York Times’s claim that sex was better under Communism. Who has time to wait in a bread line when you are enjoying great–although apparently undernourished–sex?

Socialism is the greatest evil in the history of the human race. The Black Death is a distant second. Whatever you think about contemporary leftists, your thoughts are not dark enough.

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