Tucker compares the Democrats’ immigration policies from before 2019 to those now, particularly how Joe Biden is breaking federal law while protecting himself from the consequences of doing so.

Highlights (lowlights?) include:

“Once the illegal workers were gone, those chicken plants were forced to hire American citizens. In this case, many of them were African American.”

“So, you’d think maybe the Biden administration with its much repeated commitment to equity would think this is good, but of course they didn’t care. They’re not interested in helping working class people of any color. Diversity consultants, Princeton professors, MSNBC contributors, trans-humantist tech billionaires, of course those are their people.”

“But blue collar high school graduates who just want a decent hourly job? No, no chance. Not interested.”

“The White House hasn’t simply ended workplace raids. They’ve also stopped turning people away at the border, so people just come in and they know they’ll never be forced to leave. Already the administration has released more than 160,000 illegal migrants into the country with no supervision whatsoever, without telling the people into whose neighborhoods they’re moving, because they don’t care what American citizens think.”

“By the way, how many are vaccinated?”

“Biden has ordered the government to build a wall around his family’s vacation home in Delaware, and build it at public expense. Diversity may be our strength, he often says that, but Joe Biden doesn’t want it anywhere near him or his family.”

“Now, the irony of that is almost difficult to digest; it was just a year ago that Biden was telling us that walls are immoral and that’s why he would never build a wall.”

“It’s more than hypocritical. It’s criminal, and not in a rhetorical sense. Joe Biden is actively and intentionally breaking federal law, even as he works to protect himself and his own family from the consequences of these lunatic policies. Presidents have been impeached for less than that.”

“In fact, no American president who ever has been impeached … has ever even been accused of crimes this flagrant or this serious, not even close.”

“For the safety of American citizens, of course, and every country has laws like this, the US government is required to arrest and hold criminal aliens and deport them, but Joe Biden has refused to do that. He is breaking the law, right out in the open. So, why hasn’t he been impeached?”

“It’s too hard to convince the population that our policies help them, because in fact they don’t help them, at all. It’s much easier to guarantee that we’ll be elected into perpetuity by importing a whole new population of voters, and that’s exactly what they’re doing, and they bark like dogs when you say it because it’s true.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments:

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