This desperate: earlier today a group of Democrats lined up in front of a Glenn Youngkin bus holding tikis, as part of an effort to tie Youngkin to Donald Trump/Charlottesville/white supremacy:

Terry McAuliffe’s Communications Director said the men’s presence was “disgusting and disqualifying.” But no one was fooled, and she later deleted the tweet.

Before long, the Lincoln Project, a Democratic Party activist group, took responsibility for the stunt:

The escapade dominated Twitter today. It quickly developed that one of the “white supremacists” was the Financial Director of the Young Virginia Democrats:

Twitter scouts quickly determined that this woman is a Democratic Party operative:

Was the Lincoln Project really responsible for this fiasco? Donald Trump, Jr. thinks they took the fall for the McAuliffe campaign, which is certainly consistent with McAuliffe’s Communications Director trying to make hay out of the photo:

“Pedo Project” deserves some kind of award. But as usual, the Babylon Bee gets the last word:

The McAuliffe campaign is now backpedaling furiously, denying any responsibility. But this incident shows that McAuliffe is desperate. His internal polling must be awful, consistent with publicly-reported polls that show Youngkin pulling away. In his desperation, McAuliffe apparently has resorted to one of the lowest, and least successful, smears on record.

It only remains for the voters of Virginia to register their disgust on Tuesday.

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