Critical Race Theory–more specifically, the Left’s astonishingly successful drive to inflict it on our young people via the public schools–is the number one issue of this moment in our history. The entire point of CRT is to convince our youth that America is evil, and therefore must be destroyed. Or, as leftists prefer to put it, “fundamentally transformed.” This is what many if not most elementary school students are being taught, and it only gets worse as they get older.

The Left achieved this remarkable coup when too few of us were paying attention, but now Americans are becoming informed and aroused. We see this in the pushback by parents against left-wing school boards across the country. And, of course, in Virginia’s gubernatorial election, where the Left’s effort to impose Marxist anti-Americanism on Virginia’s children has become the central issue of the campaign.

Conservatives have been silent for too long, but this is an opportunity to let people know where you stand. American Experiment now has “merch,” which you can buy here. Most of it is American Experiment branded (“Minnesota’s Think Tank)”, but the anti-CRT items are equally applicable anywhere. You can get anti-CRT buttons:

And t-shirts that say “Education Not Indoctrination” as well as “Cancel CRT.”

I would love to see these products cropping up across the country. You can follow this link if you are interested in buying something. We have priced all of the products in the American Experiment store at the lowest possible level to break even, but be aware that there is also a shipping and handling charge.

I assume there are other sources of anti-CRT merchandise, but I wanted to let our readers know about this one. American Experiment is one of the country’s leaders on this issue, having sponsored anti-CRT events in 22 Minnesota cities, drawing local–most important to us–national (CNN) and international (Sky News Australia) publicity. And we have been on the case since 2017, exposing left-wing, race-based misinformation in the public schools. So if you want to let people know what you think about CRT, our store is a good place to go.

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