A portion of the purported audio from the now-infamous “Let’s Go Brandon” signoff on an AP reporter’s Southwest Airlines flight led some people to question what the pilot had actually said. Was it “Let’s Go Brandon,” or “Let’s Go Braves”?

Well, standup comic and amateur firefighter Tim Dillon has managed to obtain the full audio from the flight in question, and it’s far, far worse than anyone could’ve imagined:

Amazing what you can miss when audio gets edited for mass consumption. If only the media had gotten ahold of Dillon’s footage, there’d be no doubt whatsoever about that pilot’s true intentions.

He should absolutely be fired and probably blackballed from any job ever. And probably thrown into prison, just to be safe.

What? Why would Instagram try to bury this? The world needs to know just how horrible that Southwest pilot really is.

And, even more importantly, the world needs to know how talented Tim Dillon is.

God Save the Queen.

The only thing that would make this better is if Tim Dillon were an actual pilot. Imagine how awesome his in-flight announcements would be.

Judging by the responses to Dillon’s tweet, many do.

That’s not fair. You’re assuming that they’ll ever realize it’s not real. You saw how easily they bought into that Glenn-Youngkin-hearts-racist-white-supremacists hoax. Why would this be any different?

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