Reacting to the new Netflix documentary “Colin in Black & White,” Jason Whitlock tore into Colin Kaepernick on a recent episode of “Fearless with Jason Whitlock.”

The ludicrous show is an attempt by the former 49er quarterback to deal with his “severe daddy issues,” Whitlock opined.

“Kaepernick, to this day, doesn’t know who he is. He has severe daddy issues. When you know who you are, you don’t concern yourself with micro-aggressions. The random, misguided perceptions of white people don’t make you feel degraded, dehumanized, and offended,” he said.

“Only a member of the KKK could fully enjoy DuVernay and Kaepernick’s portrayal of black manhood,” Whitlock argued. “According to the miniseries, being a black man is about wearing braids and/or cornrows, eating highly seasoned fried foods, feeling degraded, dehumanized, and offended at so-called micro-aggressions, and fantasizing about loving black women while dating white and/or biracial women. ‘Black and White’ erased any doubts about the fraudulence and substance-deficiency of Colin Kaepernick … Kap, DuVernay, and Netflix share the same view of black men as the KKK.”

Whitlock went on to argue that the documentary portrays black men as being feminized, obsessing about hairstyles and glorifying the wearing of braids and cornrows as “embracing black culture.”

“What new hairstyle will Kaepernick next say is black culture? Is being a black man really about your hairstyle?” Whitlock asked. “This is a joke, and only an idiot would look at a man braid his hair [and say], now that’s black, he braided his hair. Or, he’s got cornrows, nothing could be blacker than cornrows.”

According to Whitlock, the worst thing about the six-part series is “knowing Kaepernick signed off on the demonization and ridicule of his adoptive parents. Two human beings chose to love and raise Kaepernick when his biological parents failed to take the responsibility.”

“Could you imagine two people adopting you when your real parents won’t and then you take a sh*t on them in a six-part miniseries on Netflix? Who does that?” he asked. “And people keep wondering why I keep saying this stuff feels satanic. Two people adopt you and 32 years later, you put out a mini-series taking a dump on them. There are no perfect parents. None. There are no perfect people. … This is evil. This is wickedness.”

NBA veteran Rashad McCants joined Whitlock to take aim at “Colin in Black & White’s” obsession with men’s hairdos. Then, “Fearless” contributor Shemeka Michelle gave a lesson in blackness and Uncle Jimmy joined via Skype with a new costume and a completely different take on Kaepernick and the “new negroes.”

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