With 60% of the vote tabulated–a big caveat, I am not sure how the mostly-Democrat early voting figures in those numbers–Glenn Youngkin has what normally would be considered an insuperable 11-point lead over Terry McAuliffe. It is too early to pop the champagne corks, but things are looking very good. Maybe the earthquake is beginning sooner than I expected.

Comfortably Smug explains:

I do think that the insanity of Critical Race Theory is the key issue. Staying with optimism for the moment, CRT is no more popular anywhere else in the country than it is in Virginia.

UPDATE: There appears to be funny business going on in heavily Democratic Fairfax, as they are re-scanning ballots. And Marc Elias, the Democrats’ fraudster in chief, is in the mix. Elise Stefanik is concerned:

As always, Youngkin’s win–assuming the numbers continue to come in as they have so far–needs to be outside the margin of fraud.

MORE: It looks like Republicans will win all three statewide Virginia races. The GOP Lieutenant Governor candidate is being acknowledged as the winner:

And the Attorney General’s race has already been called for the Republican.

It is looking like a GOP sweep. The McAuliffe campaign is depressed, to say the least:

MORE: The far Left, i.e. MSNBC, is making excuses. Critical Race Theory? It doesn’t exist! (But it’s awesome!) And those Republican winners? They’re insurrectionists!

This lack of self-knowledge in the Democratic Party promises to turn 2022 into a tsunami.

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