The ideological denigration of the United States and its white majority as oppressive and racist has become a political issue as it has seeped into public schools. The parents of Loudon County made their voices heard in advance of Tuesday’s Virginia gubernatorial election. Barack Obama jumped into the ring from the top turnbuckle to instruct Virginia voters to disregard it as a “phony trumped-up culture war issue.” Formulating the issue as “fears about how racism is taught,” Axios reports on the impact of the issue in school board elections across seven states on Tuesday.

The Democrats’ media adjunct has gone into its accustomed routine to help the party out. It is amazing how robotically reporters and commentators recite the same talking point as though it is a pearl of wisdom (video below). Joseph Sobran and Tom Bethell developed the concept of The Hive to describe the larger phenomenon of which this is a part. The Hive — it’s Hivier than ever.

Video via Thaleigha Rampersad/Washington Free Beacon.

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