The problem with inflation is that we can see it in front of our nose, at the gas pump and grocery store and just about everywhere else. The Biden administration treats it as a public relations issue. It has addressed the issue in stages from denial (the “transitory” stage), to anger, bargaining, and depression. Unlike the five stages of grief, however, the Biden public relations treatment of inflation gives us stages of comedy, if only you can pick up on the joke. We haven’t quite reached the acceptance stage. It may take the midterm elections to move them along to acceptance.

Larry Kudlow noted the bargaining stage in on-air commentary published as a column yesterday by the New York Sun. Kudlow observed: “On various news shows over the weekend we saw various Biden communicators defend inflation and the economy, and the $4 trillion social welfare entitlement spending and tax hiking and fossil fuel destroying bill that they argue will actually reduce skyrocketing inflation.” This may be as close to acceptance as we get.

Brian Deese is the White House Director of the National Economic Council. His take is somewhere out there in the comedy empyrean beyond my analysis of the five stages. The vaccination crossover is bizarre. If we can achieve detachment, it is hilarious.

Joe Concha recognizes the far-out stuff at the daily White House briefing as PsakiBombs. I think they are part of her psychedelic act.

We move from denial to anger when inflation is used in this fashion. Get with it, peons.

I think this represents the bargaining stage.

More bargaining.

We arrive at depression.

Psaki must have consulted with Deese for this PsakiBomb.

Bill McGurn writes in today’s Wall Street Journal: “Biden’s Spending Gives Milton Friedman the Last Laugh.” Here is a useful reminder from Friedman.

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