Scott has described the stages of spin that the Biden administration has deployed in response to skyrocketing inflation: It’s transitory! It’s good for you! You can afford it! The administration’s efforts are laughable, but unfortunately, it is the rest of us who are paying the price. Literally.

Recognizing that most people experience inflation tangibly in the rising cost of staple commodities, my organization has put up 30 physical billboards and three roving electronic billboards around the Twin Cities area, documenting the rapidly rising prices of basic goods. And one of the billboards describes inflation as “the cruelest tax.”

Our press release on the billboards is here. I think the billboards will be a useful reminder that, despite the Biden administration’s spin, the rapidly rising cost of living hurts pretty much everyone.

We are also taking steps to get our messages in front of non-traditional audiences. We have written a 30-second radio ad on the skyrocketing cost of electricity in Minnesota, which is being driven entirely by politically-motivated mandates for wind and solar energy. We are running the ad on Minneapolis’s black-oriented radio station, and having it translated into Spanish and Somali to run on Spanish-language and Somali-language stations across Minnesota.

Limousine liberals don’t care much when the costs of necessary goods and services rise as a result of feckless policies, but the rest of us don’t have that luxury.

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