In a nation that believes in the need for law and order, there is absolutely no reason that Darrell E. Brooks Jr should have been out on cash bail for $1000. He was emboldened and empowered by the radical progressives who are destroying this nation city by city, community by community.

It starts with the fact that this man is a career criminal. He only knows to break the law. Whether that’s due to mental illness or just being a generally evil person (or both), we do not know because the system has kept him on the streets despite being charged with multiple crimes 16 times in his life. This system has been dragged to the left by Soros-backed District Attorneys and leftist politicians who are selling the notion that Critical Race Theory, systemic racism, and other favorite buzzwords of the Cultural Marxists are the reason Brooks is the way he is.

He allegedly murdered at least five people with four dozen others injured. Why? Because “the system” that leftists think is TOO HARSH put him back on the streets two days after posting a small bail for intentionally hitting someone with his vehicle.

“The system” saw fit to put a man who is unambiguously dangerous back on the streets, and now those who have been yanking “the system” as far to the left as possible are shocked that he continues to commit crimes. They’re shocked that he did as so many criminals do by increasing the severity of his crimes. I’m not one who doesn’t believe that people can be reformed, but it takes a strong system that recognizes the truth about criminals, not one that assumes someone is rehabilitated the moment they are released from prison.

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Despite the clear truth in this and so many other criminal matters, it’s people like Judge Michelle Havas and Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm who believe that systemic racism is real and can only be fixed with an extreme soft-on-crime stance.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Brooks posted $1,000 bond on Nov. 11 in the most recent incident and was released from Milwaukee County Jail on Nov. 16, according to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office. He also was charged in July 2020 with two felony counts of second-degree recklessly endangering the safety of others using a dangerous weapon. Both cases are ongoing.

The recent $1,000 bail recommended by prosecutors, and accepted by the court commissioner, was “inappropriately low” given the nature of the charges, according to a statement Monday from the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, led by District Attorney John Chisholm.

DA Chisholm is pointing fingers, but the policies his office holds come directly from him. It’s disingenuous to now say the bail amount was inappropriate when his office has been doing it the whole time. This is what happens when “woke” officials are the ones handling law and order. They play Cultural Marxist games with public safety, then scurry for the shadows when a spotlight shines on them. In this case, people are dead as a direct result of one judge and one district attorney pretending to be shocked that a clearly violent man committed another act of violence.

This is a wakeup call to everyone on the left. The policies you embrace to virtue signal against systemic racism are putting lives in danger across the nation. What happened in Waukesha was avoidable with a little common sense in recognizing a violent criminal for what he is.


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