How does a leftist publication and their reporter cover up the undeniable support Waukesha mass-murder suspect Darrell Brooks offered to Black Lives Matter? By invoking two people hated by the radical left — Andy Ngo and Tim Pool — to paint the Brooks-BLM connection as false.

That’s what The Daily Beast and freelance journalist Robert Silverman attempted to do with a piece titled, “How Big-Time Right-Wing Trolls Tied Waukesha Killings to BLM.”

The story is an blatant attempt to gaslight their leftist readership into denying that Brooks supported Black Lives Matter. He did. It’s not even a question to anyone who has seen his social media posts over the years, of which Ngo reported several. But Silverman makes ambiguous distinctions to misdirect his readership, noting that there is no evidence that Brooks participated in BLM movement activities. As he noted in the article:

None of those posts, or others floating around online and purportedly shared by Brooks, display anything resembling participation in the Black Lives Matter movement. In other posts, he expresses hostility towards white people, gives a thumbs up to a Black nationalist group, and cheers the removal of statues, along with others justifying his previous crimes and sharing his untalented rap music.

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Brooks, like millions of other Americans, supports Black Lives Matter. And like millions of other Americans, that support does not necessarily translate into them going to BLM rallies or participating in any of the riots attributed to the group over the last year and a half. But Ngo never claimed that Brooks was an active member of the group who participated in their activities. He rightly reported that Brooks is a supporter of not only BLM but other origins of sentiment that echo hatred towards white people, law enforcement, and government.

The piece published by The Daily Beast is a smokescreen. It’s designed to convince their most gullible readers that Brooks did not support BLM because Ngo, Pool, and other polarizing figures mentioned in the article like Laura Loomer and Marjorie Taylor Greene are the ones spreading a “false narrative.” This piece is literally propaganda with the sole intention of cornering their fellow leftists into believing that if they think Brooks was a BLM supporter, than they’re agreeing with Ngo, Pool, Loomer, and Greene.

Here’s a Twitter thread that documents what Brooks reportedly posted on social media:













According to Silverman and The Daily Beast, Ngo should not have said Brooks is a supporter of BLM because despite the mountains of evidence that he supported the group, he did not participate in official Black Lives Matter movement activities and therefore Ngo et al are making false statements. It’s ludicrous prima facie, but as is often the case with leftist arguments, there will be plenty who read the article and come to the conclusion that any insinuation of Brooks supporting BLM is fake news produced by the evil Andy Ngo.

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As if on cue, Silverman has turned to playing the victim card by posting several threats he has received. By no means am I defending those making the threats, but as someone who is threatened in similar fashion regularly for my own articles, I can say it’s just another form of misdirection to post them on social media instead of addressing the gaslighting he performed in his reporting. He is attempting to further smear Ngo, this time by proxy, by connecting the hideous threats he’s receiving to the journalist he originally attempted to smear.

I don’t blame Silverman for writing his article. The narratives surrounding Brooks, Black Lives Matter, and radical leftism in general are quickly turning south as law and order crumble under the weight of progressive ideologies. To defend the narrative and promote the agenda, it’s Silverman’s perceived duty to try to salvage the tenets of his cause by posting propaganda. It’s despicable, but the last six years have taught us to expect this sort of display.

Leftist journalists have a simple playbook. Tell lies, invoke figures hated by fellow leftists, cover up the lies by playing the victim card, rinse, repeat. But it doesn’t change the fact that Darrell Brooks supports BLM.


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