The Dallas Cowboys are 7-4, well on their way to a division title and playoff berth. But they’ll need to push forward for at least the next game without their head coach and several other members of the team as they’ve all tested positive for Covid-19 despite being “fully vaccinated.”

According to NBC Sports:

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy has tested positive for COVID-19, according to ESPN. He will miss the Cowboys’ Thursday night game against the Saints. The report says there may be up to eight positive cases within the Cowboys organization.

Offensive line coach Joe Philbin and assistant line coach Jeff Blasko have both also been ruled out because of COVID-19 protocols. Strength and conditioning coach Kendall Smith missed the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving game because of COVID-19 as well.

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The Cowboys are hoping to have wide receiver Amari Cooper back from his stint on the COVID-19 reserve list, while right tackle Terence Steele and tight end Blake Jarwin were both placed on the COVID-19 reserve list in recent days.

Eight players and coaches, out. With around 60 active players on the roster and 28 coaches, that means nearly 10% of this “fully vaccinated” team has become a “rare” breakthrough case this week alone. Call me crazy, but that doesn’t seem to match the rhetoric coming out of DC or the NFL. The “vaccines” are supposed to make it more likely for players and coaches to continue week to week.

Meanwhile, the one unvaxxed player to get Covid, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, receiving daily press over his condition, it may seem odd to any vaxx-nannies who are paying attention. The problem is they’re not paying attention. They’re embracing the narrative they’ve been sold and it will take divine intervention to make them see the obvious: This is a pandemic of the vaccinated.

There’s a constant drumbeat of news out of the heavily vaxxed NFL showing the mainstream narrative is false. Unfortunately, it’s getting drowned out by the coordinated drumbeat Big Pharma’s minions tell constant lies. We need to continue to push forward the truth, even if only a small percentage can be made to wake up from their indoctrination.


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