So Elon Musk is Time‘s “Person of the Year.” I’ve actually been warming up to Musk for a long time now. If you take away the lavish subsidies he got for his cars, what would be your complaint with him? That electric cars won’t save the world? True, but slow down for a moment and note that unlike nearly everyone else in Silicon Valley, he’s actually trying to build a tangible thing—a car!— at factories located in America. Most people in Silicon Valley only make apps, and produce only lines of code. Even Apple makes most of its gadgets in China, not here. That’s why they go to such pains to say “Designed by Apple in California.” The asterisk—But made in China!— is implied.

And the left is losing its you-know-what about Musk. Like Lizzie Warren:

Someone on Instapundit suggested we should refer to Warren henceforth as “Senator Karen.” Right after we finish our “Let’s go Brandon!” chants.

Musk was just getting started.

I know Warren was not in the Senate when the tax credits for electric cars were passed, but is there any doubt how she’d have voted? Is she supporting the expanded tax credits for electric cars in the so-called “Build Back Better” bill? Well, you know what they say about consistency.

P.S. Musk has lately been selling billions of his Tesla stock. Unless he has some large losses somewhere, he’s going to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in capital gains tax this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if his tax bill this year is the largest in U.S. history. That won’t stop Senator Karen from saying he isn’t paying his “fair share.” (“Fair share” for a Democrat always means, “more than whatever you’re paying now.”)

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