The Washington Post is looking for someone to investigate and report on those alien beings, conservatives:

The Washington Post is looking for an enterprising reporter to cover the political right in the United States.

This reporter will be expected to break news and produce distinctive stories that explore the forces and personalities driving the Republican Party at every level of government and culture. This includes writing with clarity about the pro-Trump movement and its supporters…

One gets the feeling that the Post wants to keep its Trump hysteria going.

…as well as the broader constellation of elected officials, activists, donors and media figures who embrace and echo its brand of politics.

But wait! We started out talking about “the political right” and “the Republican Party, but now the focus is on “the pro-Trump movement and its supporters” and others “who embrace and echo its brand of politics.” So in the Post’s view, is that all there is to the right? Or to the Republican Party? Or is that just where the Post wants to focus its coverage, to feed its readers’ prejudices?

The ideal candidate is someone with a track record of producing revelatory stories.

I’ll bet it is! The Post is looking for revelations that will help to discredit the right.

This reporter will play a leading role in our coverage of the 2022 and 2024 elections, collaborating with colleagues across the Politics team as well as visual journalism teams such as Graphics, Photo and Video. This reporter will be expected to travel frequently and often on short notice.

Because you never know when or where an “insurrection” might break out.

We are still waiting for the Post to hire someone who will write “revelatory stories” about the Democratic Party and the left. Via InstaPundit.

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