For what may be our last episode of the year (since next weekend is Christmas), I decided to quaff Bunnahabhain for this week’s peaty Islay whisky, mostly in the vain hope that “Bunnahabhain” could be added to the National Spelling Bee, just for grins and giggles. But after the usual whisky reviews and insults, we get down to business with special guest “Adam Mill,” whose fine work you can take in regularly at American Greatness. “Adam Mill” is a pseudonym for a lawyer based in the midwest who, like our own “Lucretia,” needs to preserve a modicum of anonymity against the Bureau of Cancellations. He took the name from Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill, which means that not only is the Three Whisky Happy Hour the only podcast with two pseudonymous contributors, but with “Lucretia,” the only podcast that combines ancient and modern pseudonyms.

Since it’s the holiday season, we decided to review a few of the key stories of 2021 (chiefly January 6 and its bizarre and infuriating aftermath, and the palpable collapse of the Biden presidency in its first year), and then “Adam Mill’s” predictions for 2022.

Finally, I end this overlong episode by relating how I accidentally stumbled across “Spaces” on Twitter, where you can listen in on and particpate in live conversations. The one I am now following is a young conservative underground—people who pride themselves on being “based,” whatever that means—that is using Spaces to carry out superb improv comedy that mocks every progressive cliche and shibboleth you can name in a complete deadpan style. (The best “runner” was the sequential riffs on “St. George of Floyd, blessed be his name. . .”) Hats off to Athenian Stranger for his role in this delightful and transgressive escapade.

You know what to do now—listen here, or wander over to our totally based host at Ricochet.

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