The New York Times yesterday ran yet another long feature on the troubles of Kamala Harris, featuring no real reporting or new facts (with one exception), and appearing like yet another planted story by Harris’s Democratic Party opponents, which may well include Joe Biden’s senior White House staff.

This is my favorite part of the story:

Ms. Harris has privately told her allies that the news coverage of her would be different if she were any of her 48 predecessors, whom she has described as all white and male.

First, “whom she described as white and male”?? Well okay, so Vice President Charles Curtis apparently had significant Native American ancestry, thus provoking envy from Elizabeth Warren, whose capacity for envy seems limitless, but really? What this self-regard really demonstrates is that in her entire career in California up to this point Harris never faced serious Republican opposition, and never got much bad press. So she’s facing big league pitching for the first time, and isn’t any good at it.

Second, the news coverage wouldn’t be so bad if she were white and male? Dan Quayle, Dick Cheney, and Spiro Agnew are having a good laugh right now.

Most of the people quoted on the record in the story say typically soothing things as you’d expect. The blunt exception is Texas Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar, described as a moderate, but also:

One of the more prominent voices on border issues in the Democratic Party, [Cuellar] said his experiences with Ms. Harris’s team had been disappointing. When Mr. Cuellar heard Ms. Harris was traveling to the border in June, he had his staff call her office to offer help and advice for her visit. He never received a call back.

“I say this very respectfully to her: I moved on,” Mr. Cuellar said. “She was tasked with that job, it doesn’t look like she’s very interested in this, so we are going to move on to other folks that work on this issue.”

In the future, Mr. Cuellar said he would go straight to the West Wing with his concerns on migration rather than the vice president’s office. Of the White House, Mr. Cuellar said, “at least they talk to you.”

This sounds also like a planted hit, though. Why did the Times‘ reporters seek out Cuellar? Someone had to tip them off that he’d give some harsh quotes for the story. Or the reporter and editors went to him deliberately in search of dirt to throw at Harris.

Meanwhile, President Biden and DOKTOR Jill Biden had some kind of phone-in Christmas event earlier today, and one caller ended by saying “Let’s go Brandon,” at which point Biden proved he has no clue what is going on out in America:

Chaser, from a recent interview:

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