My friend who reads the New York Times tells me that the front section of today’s Times has nothing about the two Democratic lawmakers’ carjackings — Rep. Mary Scanlon’s in Philadelphia and Illinois state Sen. Kimberly Lightfoot’s in a Chicago suburb. My friend adds that the Times might run something about this in the coming days, but that the absence of one now is of interest.

Of interest, and not surprising.

My friend also alerted me to the Times’ article about Kamala Harris. Steve has written a thorough analysis of that story.

I want to add one point. The Times airs, and seems to credit, the following excuse for Harris’ weak performance — she has been assigned “intractable issues” such as the border crisis and “voting rights.”

But the Vice President isn’t the First Lady. Modern VPs typically are given major responsibility for difficult issues. Mike Pence had a key role on covid (talk about an intractable problem). Joe Biden had significant responsibility for foreign policy hotspots like Ukraine. Dick Cheney was front and center on virtually every difficult matter confronting George W. Bush, at least during Bush’s first term.

Let’s also remember that Harris sought the presidency and still aspires to it. If issues like the border and voting rights (whatever is meant by that) are too tough for her, she should step down and let Biden select an heir apparent who can better handle the big boy/girl stuff.

Finally, to make the obvious point, it might help Harris handle that stuff if she were more studious and, in the case of the border, bothered to visit it.

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