What do a military veteran traveling with his life savings, a tattoo artist who finds himself a victim of a violent crime, and a boyfriend of a woman who sold $25 worth of marijuana have in common? They all lost their property due to a corrupt system that allows it under civil asset forfeiture (CAF). Stephen Silverman is a senior attorney at the Goldwater Institute and he has so much great information to share about the extreme threat that civil asset forfeiture poses to a free society.

A few weeks ago, I reported on the Dallas Police Department, which bragged on Twitter about seizing 100k from a woman who wasn’t charged with a crime. How is this possible when the 4th Amendment exists? Tune in to hear one of the country’s leading experts on CAF discuss the details of how this one issue could bring the whole country together.

Also, we will discuss what to do if you are targeted for CAF and what not to do when pulled over by the police. Don’t miss this extremely informative episode of The Fringe!

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