International pressure has mounted on companies to avoid sourcing products and materials from Xinjiang province in China because that is where the CCP subjects Uyghurs to slave labor. But China has pushed back, and in some quarters, what the Chinese Communist Party says goes. Thus this headline: “Intel apologises for telling suppliers to avoid products made in Xinjiang.”

Intel has apologised for telling suppliers not to source products from Xinjiang province in China.

The US microchip maker issued the apology after it was attacked in China for raising concerns about forced labour in Xinjiang.
Intel sent a letter to suppliers recently saying products made in Xinjiang should not be used in its chips.

It and other companies are under pressure from several Western nations to eliminate the use of products from Xinjiang over slavery concerns.

Intel’s letter said it was “required to ensure that its supply chain does not use any labour or source goods or services from the Xinjiang region” due to restrictions imposed by “multiple governments”.

The letter sparked a backlash on Chinese social media, while the Global Times newspaper accused Intel of “biting the hand that feeds it”.

I have no idea how much the Chinese hand feeds Intel, but the dollars involved must be immense. I suppose you could consider it ironic that a “Communist” country is able to wield the power of cold cash to bring the world’s biggest companies to heel.

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