Today’s minicast takes in the observation of an unlikely source—Nate Silver—about how our politicized “public health” establishment worked assiduously to delay the approval of COVID vaccines last year until after the election so as to help defeat Trump, even though this delay might have cost many thousands of lives.

Silver has this letter, signed by dozens of doctors, in mind, which helped persuade Pfizer to delay the application for emergency use of their vaccine:

The entire story was actually reported before the election in the MIT Technology Review, which made explicit the campaign by politicized doctors to prevent not only vaccines but certain treatments in development, all because of their deep Trump derangement syndrome. Combined with the recent revelations of how Dr. Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci worked diligently to suppress the Great Barrington Declaration, it is one more piece of evidence of why Trump should have fired Birx and Fauci early on in the pandemic. Settle in with a dram for an epic rant.

You know what to do now: Listen here, or get your jabs from our hosts over at the Ricochet free clinic.

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