According to Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, mainstream media, and their puppetmasters in Big Pharma, Covid cases should be steadily going down. With most American adults having been “fully vaccinated,” we should be well on our way to achieving the goals they laid out when the Covid jabs were rolled out a year ago. We should be beating Covid with only “rare” breakthrough cases and the unclean — aka the unvaxxed — being the remnant of cases our hospitals have to admit.

Unfortunately for every lucid American who bought into the vaccine hype, what we’ve seen is the exact opposite of what they were promised. Instead of a decrease in cases, we’ve seen spikes. And before anyone says, “but… Omicron,” let’s keep in mind that Covid cases were rising before the announcement of the newest fearmongering tool on Black Friday just over a month ago.

Today, we mark a grim milestone:

“JUST IN – U.S. reports 484,377 new #COVID19 cases, setting a new world record for a single-day increase in one country.”

That certainly doesn’t sound like the type of results one would have expected when they vaccines were being pushed in the beginning of the year. We were all told that the experimental injections would lead to a sharp decrease in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths once we achieved 40% adoption. Then 50%. Then 70%. Now Fauci et al. are claiming we need to be over 90% “fully vaccinated” with a regimen of ongoing booster shots, new pills being pushed out weekly, constant use of face diapers, and economy-killing lockdowns if we have any chance of slowing the spread.

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Oh, how the narrative has changed. In fact, the original narrative has been completely obliterated by the facts to the point that even the most ardent vaxx-nannies are starting to question whether or not they’ve been part of the con all along.

The need for stubborn vaxx-nannies to violently defend the profit margins of Big Pharma is both disgusting and laughable. It’s disgusting because they’re encouraging people to make the same mistake they made. It’s laughable because for them to still not realize they were conned means their cognitive dissonance is the dominant factor in their entire mentality.

We may never know the full depths of the con, but by now a good number of Americans are at least aware the con exists. People are waking up to bits and pieces of truth. It’s up to use to make sure the whole truth works its way to the top of consciousness.


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