Most conservative discussions about the problems of our day seem to center around how the Democrats are destroying everything with their far-left policies. Truth be told, many (if not most) Republicans are no better.

The GOP is filled, it turns out, with corrupt, spineless Republican politicians who govern (if you can even call it that) based on an ethos of greed and corruption. Many of them are Big Pharma hacks who craft policies that benefit the drug industry at the expense of public health, and enrich the already rich at the expense of the poor.

Neither party works for the We the People, sadly, save for perhaps a small handful of exceptions within their ranks. The rest are bought-and-paid-for traitors who have betrayed their constituents by aligning themselves with special interests.

Back in August 2020, it was reported that the world’s largest drug makers and their trade groups had cut checks to some 356 lawmakers ahead of that year’s election. This figure represents more than two-thirds of the entire sitting Congress.

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The most active PAC was none other than Pfizer, the CEO of which says that anyone who refuses to take his company’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” is a “criminal.”

Mitch McConnell takes in more cash from the pharmaceutical industry than any other politician

The worst political offender by far is Mitch McConnell, a powerful Republican who is arguably the most corrupt member of Congress next to, perhaps, Nancy Pelosi.

McConnell has raked in some $30 million in campaign bribes from Big Pharma – and this is just the documented bribes that he actually reports. This would explain why McConnell and the Republican Party as a whole loves the pills (and hates nature).

“Of course, like all political organizations of all stripes, to one degree or another, the ranks of the elected GOP officeholders have been populated by grifting cowards since its inception – such is the nature of the politician,” reports The Daily Bell.

“The best among the elected GOP pussyfoot around the totalitarian ambitions of the biomedical corporate state. The worst among the elected GOP are complicit in the largest-scale medical crime against humanity in history.”

Despite claiming to be the “anti-establishment” people’s choice for president, Donald Trump is really no better. He and Deborah Birx, his covid task force coordinator, spearheaded the very lockdowns back in early 2020 that drove another nail in the coffin of the American economy.

The alleged “mathematical models” they were using at the time claimed that upwards of 2.2 million Americans would die from covid that same year – a figure that turned out to be completely made-up rubbish.

Even so, the nation was locked down with prejudice, masked and left decimated. And the Trump administration proceeded to enact the “CARES Act,” which provided even more cash to the Big Pharma machine to clean up the mess (or so we were told) with Operation Warp Speed.

“All that was done to no positive effect,” the Bell adds, referring to all the drug overdoses, undiagnosed medical conditions, broken supply lines, decreased IQ in children, vaccine “passports,” and everything else that grew out of Trump’s plandemic policies.

To this very day, Trump is still parroting the lies of Big Pharma by hounding his supporters to take the injections they are calling “vaccines,” claiming that they are safe and effective.

“Literally every interview Trump does now involves a lengthy self-aggrandizing diatribe detailing his vaxx success and how great his vaxx agenda was and how people don’t give him enough credit for his vaxxes,” the Bell says.

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