President Biden sought a clean break with Trump administration policies from day one of his administration last year and the results furnish a stark contrast. You could say it’s like night and day, but between night and day we have a period of twilight. Not so with the imposition of the lunatic left agenda in the Biden administration. We have gone straight to nightmare.

Christopher DeMuth is in pursuit of a broader point in his November 12 Wall Street Journal column “Why America needs national conservatism,” but to my knowledge he came the closest to making the point I have in mind at the top of his column:

Proponents of communism often say it’s never really been tried. Progressivism can no longer make that excuse. Its doctrines are being widely implemented by earnest practitioners with wide establishment support. The results have come in with astonishing speed. Mayhem and misery at an open national border. Riot and murder in lawless city neighborhoods. Political indoctrination of schoolchildren. Government by executive ukase. Shortages throughout the world’s richest economy. Suppression of religion and private association. Regulation of everyday language—complete with contrived redefinitions of familiar words and ritual recantations for offenders.

This makes an easy case for national conservatism. Natcons are conservatives who have been mugged by reality. We have come away with a sense of how to recover from the horrors taking America down.

From the speed with which Google filled out my search request when I went looking for DeMuth’s column, I infer that it has found a large readership. However, as we turn the page on 2021, it warrants further emphasis and continued consideration.

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