So, do you have your January 6 tree up yet? Did you get your January 6 cards out? I have to admit, we got a little behind this year. I just took down the Christmas decorations and we just didn’t have the time to schedule a party with friends and family to sing January 6 carols around a cheerful fire of Constitutions. *Sigh*. The holidays just seem to fly by, don’t they?

You remember January 6, right? That was the day some people did something at the Capitol, which was apparently infinitely worse than the time some people did something on September 11.  Chances are January 6 is very much on the mind of Sean Hannity. The January 6 committee has requested the honor of Hannity’s presence. Strictly voluntary, of course. Hannity has been a vocal supporter and sometime-advisor of President Trump. In the much-ballyhooed media dump, it was made known that during the incident, Hannity texted White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, asking him to get Trump to get the crowd to stand down.

The committee wants to ask Hannity some “factual” questions; his political views and commentary would not be subject to scrutiny. (You there, stop that giggling right this minute. You know who I’m talking to.) Hannity’s legal counsel, Jay Sekulow, commented on the request telling Axios: “If true, any such request would raise serious constitutional issues including First Amendment concerns regarding freedom of the press.”

It may be true that there will be no overt inspection of Hannity’s politics, the content of his shows, or his ties to the Trump administration. But the not so subliminal message is clear enough: If you were present in any way shape or form at the Capitol on that day, we have the power to throw you so far back in the brig that you’ll never see real sunlight again. And even if you are a nationally known conservative talk show host, we still have the power to snap your leash and make you heel. And as for YOU, Mr. or Miss Plebe, you darn well better think twice about wearing your Let’s Go Brandon t-shirt or flying your Trump flag in the back of your gas-guzzling pickup. If we can jerk Hannity’s chain, you don’t want to know what we can do for you.

The increased wailing from progressives over January 6 is driven by two things. The first is a level of narcissism that would provide any legitimate psychologist with enough material to write a whole series of books. Witness AOC’s statement that criticism over her Florida junket was driven by an unfulfilled desire to date her. (You there, again, go ahead and laugh now).

The second is much more sinister. Their president has all of the charisma and political effectiveness of a broken down animatronic from a second-rate Pirates of the Caribbean knock-off. Build Back Better is in the dumpster. People everywhere are waking up to the fact that the progressive agenda is a failure, and the Democrats face a shellacking–should we somehow manage to hold real elections. And there’s the rub. If they can’t win any other way, they will change the rules. Hell, Chuck Schumer said as much. You can watch him vent his spleen below. If they can’t win you over, they’ll run you over.

I don’t know Hannity, and I only talked with him once for about 30 seconds on his radio show, so that doesn’t count for much. But hopefully he’ll tell the committee to come back with a subpoena or go kick rocks. Otherwise, all of us who don’t own at least three Che Guevara sweatshirts and a battered sub-compact with 100 leftist stickers on the back could find ourselves in a world of hurt in a few short years. Which raises the question: if Democrats are so opposed to fascism, why do they default to doing the things that fascists do?

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