Democrats are riled up over a poll showing that most Republicans still don’t believe Joe Biden was legitimately elected president.

But in 2017, a similar poll found that two-thirds of Democrats — fed unfounded claims of Russian collusion and “voter suppression” — said Donald Trump was not legitimately elected.

As they salivate over tomorrow’s Jan. 6 anniversary, the left conveniently forgets that Jan. 20, 2017, was a very violent and dangerous day with hundreds charged.

Many Democrat politicians also refused to accept the result of the 2016 presidential election. A number of left-wing congressmen objected to the tally of Electoral College votes, including Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin, who led the second Trump impeachment trial.

To his credit, then-vice president Biden wasn’t tolerating shenanigans and conspiracies, nor was then-vice president Mike Pence in 2021.

However, five years ago wasn’t the first time in recent memory when Democrats tried to obstruct the certification of a Republican presidential victory.

In 2005, Kamala Harris’s U.S. Senate predecessor, Barbara Boxer, objected to Pres. George W. Bush’s electoral win in Ohio, forcing lawmakers to waste time debating whether to reject the Buckeye State’s electoral votes.

Yet following the objections to certifying the 2020 result, the Washington Post reports that some Democrats refused even to speak with Republican colleagues. They also engaged in other infantile measures to demonstrate their displeasure like voting against any legislation whose main sponsor was a Republican opposed to certifying Biden’s election last year.

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Delaware Sen. Chris Coons reportedly went more than six months without saying a single word to Senate Republicans who voted against signing off on Biden’s win. Another phony, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, claims she thinks about Jan. 6 “every time I see or work with” someone who didn’t sign off.

Is it a big deal?

So the parties have hostility and irreconcilable differences about where America should go from here. Given this large ideological and cultural divide, should we expect members of one party to get along with members of the other? Probably not.

My only disagreement, however, is Democrats’ preposterous claim that somehow their party now favors “democracy” and Republicans are its enemy. That’s mythical and vacuous. The two parties differ fundamentally. That’s all. Don’t expect their conceptions of “democracy” to be compatible.

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