Florida Republicans outnumber registered Democrats for the first time in the state’s history, as Blue State COVID refugees tick the Big R on their voter registrations.

Twitter user TimDCpolitico took Florida’s voter rolls from March 31 of 2020 and compared them to the latest figures. The results, he says, are “jaw-dropping,” and I can’t think of a better way to describe them.

Out of over 14 million registered voters, last year Democrats held the edge with 37.38% of registrations compared to the GOP’s 35.28%. (The remaining four million or so — around 26% — were independents or members of minor parties.)

Democrats held a two-point advantage, but higher Republican turnout has made the state safely red in the last two presidential elections.

Here’s the county-by-county map Tim built with the numbers:

As you can see, the GOP now has a slight lead in registrations, having gained more than a quarter of a million party members in just the last nine months.

66 out of Florida’s 67 counties shifted towards the red. Three hardcore Democrat counties — Broward (!!!), Jefferson, and Madison — might in some races be considered additional battlegrounds Dems will have to defend.

A fourth, Calhoun, went from dark blue to light red.

That’s impressive.

What should have Democrats strapping on a pair of Extra Absorbent Depends (Endorsed by Presidentish Joe Biden!) is that they lost more than 50,000 registrations in the same time period — even as the state’s population has grown.

Florida is the seventh-fastest-growing state in the country and the second-fastest-growing large state (after Texas, naturally). The state has become so popular that it’s even the preferred destination of Democrat-Socialist congresscritter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when she needs to enjoy the freedom she denies to her own constituents.

I can’t think of another swing of this scale towards the GOP in so little time, and certainly not in a state the size of Florida.

I can think of a good reason for the swing: The solid governance of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and his refusal to back down to either the wokeists or to the COVID cultists.

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