Jonah Goldberg appears to have joined David Brooks as a scourge of the right. He fashions himself a sort of Diogenes in search of an honest Republican. He resigned from his position as a contributor to FOX News in protest of Tucker Carlson’s take on Jan. 6. He has undertaken the job of mocking Republicans falling short of his standards.

Yesterday it was Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s turn in the barrel. Goldberg called Youngkin to account for his failure to attend to the weather-related mess on I-95 in Virginia.

Goldberg wasn’t alone in calling out Youngkin. Tucker Carlson and FOX News took note of Goldberg’s contribution to the Youngkin watch here. Was Goldberg inspired by the company he’s keeping? He may be hanging with a bad crowd. I don’t know.

When it was pointed out that Youngkin does not take office until January 15, Goldberg deleted the tweet. I appreciated the commenter who led off with an editorial suggestion regarding use of the subjunctive.

For some reason, however, Goldberg did not adapt his critique of Youngkin to the incumbent governor.

As commenters continued to pile on, Goldberg did not take it well.

I think Youngkin is an honest Republican, but Goldberg has moved on.

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