Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-East Berlin) made a startling claim during the Democrats’ January 6 cringefest Thursday: those terrifying insurrectionists targeted him with possibly murderous intent, crying out, “There’s the big Jew. Let’s get him.” You see now? You see how evil and anti-Semitic those Trump supporters are?

Schumer said: “A police officer in a big flak jacket and large rifle grabbed me firmly by the collar, like this. I’ll never forget that grip. He said to me, ‘Senator, we got to get out of here. You’re in danger.’ We walked out the Senate chamber door, made a right turn, went through another door.” But he still wasn’t out of danger: “I was within 30 feet of these nasty, racist, bigoted insurrectionists. Had someone had a gun, had two of them blocked off the door, who knows what would have happened? I was told later that one of them reportedly said, ‘There’s the big Jew. Let’s get him.’ Bigotry against one is bigotry against all. And I saw something that I had been told later never happened before — the Confederate flag flying in this dear Capitol. That’s just one of many searing, grotesque images of that unimaginable, most un-American day.”

Harrowing indeed, but it’s noteworthy that the first mention of this tale didn’t come until over two months after the alleged insurrection. On March 9, 2021, the New York Times asserted that “as rioters prowled the halls hunting for top lawmakers — Mr. Schumer, Democrat of New York, later heard that one had been looking for his desk, saying, ‘Where’s the big Jew?’ — he was being evacuated with other leaders to a safe room at an undisclosed location.”

Who told Schumer this story? Is there any source for it other than Schumer himself? Why did it not come to light until over eight weeks after it happened? That is not proof positive that it didn’t happen, but it is yet another instance in which it’s a shame that we have so few real journalists today. A journalist worthy of the name would notice that the story fits neatly into the larger efforts of Schumer and the entire Democrat establishment to portray supporters of the former president as an unsavory gang of white supremacists, racists, anti-Semites, and enemies of all that it’s good.

Here again, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but the story could bear a bit of investigating to see if it really happened or if it’s just Schumer reinforcing his vicious caricature of Trump and his supporters. In reality, the claim that Trump and/or those who voted for him are anti-Semitic is one of the Left’s most absurd charges in a veritable sea of absurdity. Donald Trump was the most pro-Israel American president since the founding of the modern state of Israel. He made good on a promise that his three immediate predecessors had made and broken, moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He recognized Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights, which is essential for its security. He cut aid to the Palestinian Authority, becoming the first and only president to hold the Palestinians accountable for their genocidal intransigence. And he oversaw the conclusion of the Abraham Accords, remarkable and unprecedented agreements between Israel and several previously hostile Muslim Arab states.

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Schumer is a leading member of a party that contains vociferous foes of Israel who have been credibly accused of anti-Semitism, most notably Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Ramallah). Schumer’s party has applauded as Biden’s handlers resumed sending U.S. taxpayer money to the Palestinian Authority, despite the fact that such aid is a violation of the Taylor Force Act, which prevents taxpayer funds from being given to an entity that supports terrorism. The anti-Semites are in his party, not among Trump’s supporters, but his “big Jew” story is designed to give exactly the opposite impression.

The intent of this is clear. It is of a piece with the overall Democrat strategy to discredit all of the Trump camp as “white supremacist,” and at the same time to declare “white supremacism” the greatest terrorist threat that the nation faces today. If all their opponents are outlawed, the Democrats will face no problem in either 2022 or 2024, will they? The greatest threat to our republic today comes from those who loudly proclaim that they are profoundly concerned about the threat Trump and his supporters pose to our “democracy.” Schumer’s cynical retailing of this dubious story is just adding fuel to the fire.

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