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Story #1: Kazakhstan Declares Calm Restored; Russian Troops to Leave in Two Days

Kazakhstan: Russia-Led Troops to Start Leaving In 2 Days

Kazakhstan President Says Russian Troops Will Begin Leaving In Two Days

U.S. Welcomes Completion of Russian-Led Mission in Kazakhstan -State Dept

Troops Told to Fire Without Warning In Kazakhstan

Dozens of Protesters Dead, 12 Police Dead In Kazakhstan Protests;

National Endowment for Democracy Provided $1.2 Million to Kazakhstan to Help Spark Color Revolution Against Pro-Russian and Pro-China Regime

The Open Society Foundations In Kazakhstan

Episode 338 – NGOs Are The Deep State’s Trojan Horses

Kazakhstan: The Price of Insurgency

Kazakhstan and the CSTO: Putin Calmly Reads the Riot Act

Former Kazakhstan Intelligence Chief and ‘Close Friend’ of Bidens is Arrested for Treason

Kazakhstan: People’s Revolt, Covid1984 Pushback, Color Revolution, Coup, and/or False Flag?

Kazakhstan Becomes Toxic Graveyard for US Diplomacy

Episode 388 – False Flags and the Dawn of Bioterrorism

Story #2: EU to Stage Large-Scale Cyberattack Exercise on Supply Chains

U.S., U.K. Reveal Code Flaws Abused by SolarWinds Hackers (May 7, 2021)

Story #3: Payment Apps Will Now Have to Report Transactions to IRS

Video: Payment Apps Reporting to the IRS

NWNW Flashback: Yellen Defends IRS Rule Requiring Banks to Report All Transactions Over $600 (Oct. 8, 2021)

PayPal May Launch Their Own Fiat-Backed Stablecoin Called “PayPal Coin”

Global Tax Deal Seeks to End Havens, Criticized for “No Teeth'”(Oct. 8, 2021)

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