I’m not a sports fanatic, but I can’t remember ever seeing a quarterback as relaxed in the passing pocket as Josh Allen was in last night’s thrashing of the Patriots. Apparently a record: no punts, no interceptions, no field goals. Touchdowns on every possession.

This video discussing the Tonga volcano eruption is well worth the eight minutes. Some of the satellite pics and ancillary effects are stunning. (If nothing else, you’ll learn about “hectopascals.”)

One thing I am wondering is whether the ash clouds from this eruption will compare closely with the Mount Pinatubo eruption of 1991, whose immense ash cloud hung in the atmosphere such that it depressed global temperatures by about a full degree for 18 months or so. I’ve seen speculation that it might, and if so it will roil the climate change debate.

You know who desperately wants to see a Trump-Hillary rematch in 2024? CNN. It’s their only hope of survival after a 90 percent drop in viewership. (The rest of the network newsrooms no doubt secretly feel the same way.)

Nah. Liberals aren’t obsessed with race. Not a bit.


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