Biden’s disastrous first year isn’t just bad for Biden —it’s poison for the Democratic party.

According to a new poll from Gallup, “Republicans, who began last year 9 points below Democrats, ended 2021 with a 5-point edge in terms of who voters lean toward. The survey looked specifically at voter party identification.”

“If that were to hold into the 2022 midterms it would be a seismic victory on election night — this is the biggest advantage for Republicans since the 1994 ‘Republican Revolution,’” said political analyst Josh Jordan in a tweet.

“In the first quarter of 2021, respondents favored Democrats 49-40. Democrats held a narrowing advantage over the next two quarters until Republicans gained the lead in the last quarter 47-42. Most of the shift came from independent voters who moved away from Democrats by about 5 points and toward Republicans by about 4 points,” the Washington Examiner reports. 

“Democrats have historically dominated Republicans in this survey, with the GOP only holding a 5-point lead in four quarters since the survey began in 1991, according to Gallup”.

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