The Biden administration and fellow Democrats have started talking about the President’s Build Back Better bill in the past tense —and that’s not a great sign for Joe’s signature policy.

While speaking with CBS News’ Face the Nation, former Vice Presidential candidate and current Senator of Virginia Tim Kaine admitted that the Build Back they wanted is no more.

“Even the White House economist is using the past tense when referring to Build Back Better,” said  CBS News’ Margaret Brennan 

“It’s dead. You don’t have the votes in the Senate,” she added.

“You’re right that it’s dead,” replied Kaine. “The most recent version of it is not going to happen. If you look at the core of the bill, I think the core is education and workforce and things like reduced childcare and education expenses, workforce training, and then support for the workforce in areas like healthcare.”

“There are other pieces of the bill that are more controversial,” he added. “I still believe we’re going to find the core of this bill. Whatever we call it, we’re going to find the core of the bill and pass it. And it will deal directly with some of these inflation concerns.” 

Watch the clip below:

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