I can already anticipate how many of you are going to be completely shocked and surprised by this report. (For anyone qualifying for that category, welcome to the internet!) California is a place where COVID mandates flow like water, with vaccination and mask mandates showing up at the state and municipal levels up and down the coast. But as we’ve already learned plenty of times in the past, the officials issuing these mandates don’t always wind up obeying them themselves. This weekend during the big NFL playoff game in Los Angeles, another such instance was recorded for posterity. The game took place at SoFi Stadium in the greater Los Angeles area and it attracted all sorts of stars and power players. California Governor Gavin Newsom showed up, along with San Francisco Mayor London Breed and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Former NBA star Majic Johnson was in the crowd as well. Why do I bring up a retired basketball player? Because the three politicians I already mentioned are apparently all big fans of his so they got together for some good times. Johnson shared the carefree moment with his many followers on Twitter.

Notice anything unusual in the picture? If you guessed “nobody is wearing masks,” give yourself a cookie. There wasn’t a facemask in sight, despite multiple layers of rules and mandates covering such activities. (National Review)

California governor Gavin Newsom was photographed without a mask on Sunday at the Rams–49ers playoff match at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, along with Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti and San Francisco mayor London Breed, despite a state-wide indoor mask mandate…

The three politicians posed for photographs with former Los Angeles Lakers player Magic Johnson.

None of the California leaders or Johnson were wearing masks in the photos. California implemented a universal indoor mask mandate in December that was extended to run through Feb. 15.

Out in the United Kingdom, there is a scandal unfolding that may require Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign after it was discovered that he had been hosting “drinks parties” at 10 Downing Street. Apparently, we don’t hold the same standards in the United States and haven’t since the beginning of the pandemic.

Let’s review. The state of California has a mask mandate for all indoor activity in public places which runs for at least two more weeks. (Many of the photos were taken inside the concession and VIP areas.) The City of Los Angeles has a mask mandate. Even SoFi Stadium has its own mandate for masks unless attendees are eating or drinking. None of the smiling people in the photos were even holding any food or beverages, to say nothing of actively dining.

National Review takes us for a brief walk down Memory Lane with a couple of reminders. Keep in mind that it’s been well over a year since Newsom’s French Laundry debacle, after which he apologized profusely and said he should have gone home instead of attending. I guess the lesson didn’t sink in.

In September, London Breed was similarly photographed dancing the night away without a mask. After being called out for it she told reporters that “we don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing.”

As I vented on Twitter after first hearing the story, this isn’t just a question of bad optics. These people are laughing at you and living their normal lives while making rules that everyone else has to follow or be locked out of any public activities. They’re not serious about any of this. It’s a control power trip. They make the rules and then flaunt them, knowing that you will have to comply or have your life upended by government decree. And unlike in London, they won’t be dragged out for scrutiny, multiple apologies, or possible removal from office. They’ll just keep doing it because they know they can.

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