Convoys —they’re the hot new thing.

Protestors from all across France made their way to the nation’s capital on Friday to protest the government’s vaccination restrictions. According to the Associated Press, they were waving French flags and shouting “freedom” from cars, trucks and vans.

“Armored police vehicles, riot police vans and more than 7,000 police officers were deployed at toll booths around Paris, the glamorous Champs-Elysee avenue and other key sites to try to prevent a blockade. Police stopped and checked select vehicles and threatened heavy fines and other punishments for those who defy the protest ban, which authorities said was necessary to prevent ‘risk to public order,’” AP reports.

France still uses vaccination passes —a key focus for protestors. Far right leader Florian Philippot is using the new protest energy to energize his own movement, which has been railing against President Macron for months.

“You put armored vehicles in front of the people … Free France isn’t armored vehicles, it’s (freedom) convoys,” he told a rally in southern Paris on Friday.

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