Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill has unsealed 16 pages of search warrant documents underlying the no-knock raid in which Amir Locke was killed last week. The papers lay out the no-knock rationale. St. Paul police sought assistance in their investigation of a deadly robbery that took the life of Otis Elder. St. Paul police filed two applications — the first for a regular warrant, the second for a no-knock “nighttime” warrant when Minneapolis police balked.

Video and photographs of suspects connected suspects to three of the apartments to be searched in one downtown Minneapolis building. The surveillance footage depicts Mekhi Speed and other suspects carrying firearms. Evidence from the scene raised fears of .223 caliber rounds that can penetrate body armor. Speed has now been charged with second-degree murder for the killing of Elder in what appears to have been a robbery set-up last month.

“These suspects have been actively involved in numerous crimes throughout the metro area since at least November 2021 to include robberies, firearm incidents, and fleeing police in a motor vehicle,” the warrant application read. “The suspects have been posting videos and photos on Instagram holding several different firearms to include a rifle, possibly the murder weapon.”

Having first signed off on a regular warrant, Judge Cahill subsequently approved the early hours, no-knock raid that the MPD SWAT team conducted. Cahill was persuaded that the no-knock raid would be safer for the police and the public, including other apartment residents.

Deena Winter has a good story on the unsealed documents that is accessible to one and all at the Minnesota Reformer. Winter’s story is “Minneapolis police sought no-knock search warrant to ‘protect the public.’” Her story comports with the Star Tribune story and provides pertinent background, details, as well as an open question or two.

This is a developing story. I have sought to present the facts and withhold judgment until all relevant facts are in with one exception. I stand by my judgment that you can see why the Minneapolis police might have wanted a no-knock warrant and that, apart from Speed himself, the culprit at the heart of the tragic chain of events leading to the death of Amir Locke is Minnesota’s pathetic criminal justice system.

Warrant 652 by Scott Johnson on Scribd

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