Even without the Canadian truckers providing the St. Crispin’s Day rally point against the Branch COVIDians, you have the feeling that this was the week the edifice started to crumble, when our betters started to contemplate the fate of Nicolae Ceaușescu when they look in the mirror. The science changed, you say? I think that must mean opinion polling science.

Lucretia and I also have a polite but spirited exchange over Mitch McConnell and his comments on the January 6 RNC resolution of censure for Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger (two guesses who’s on each side, and the first one doesn’t count), and we also have updates on my progress with the 12-Step recovery program for my Deficient Meat Loaf Appreciation Syndome. (There’s been a short hiccup in the steps because I discovered, to Lucretia’s dismay, a significant prog rock connection to Meat Loaf’s career breakout moment!) And we are able to announce some good news about the worrisome rumors of supply chain issues for certain peaty single malts.

So listen here, or catch an 18-wheeler over to our hosts at Ricochet.

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