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Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Let us make sure that the body gelato has gone through the proper channels.

We will now begin with the establishment of some bona fides here: I first volunteered for a Republican campaign in 1984.

So, I’ve been at this for a while.

Stacey wrote a post yesterday that led with something I’ve been saying forever: Republicans can’t be trusted with a big lead.

My friend and colleague offered the Republicans some sage advice:

Republicans must craft a message that aligns with their voters’ expectations if they want to capitalize on the historic failure of President Joe Biden. The voters who express a preference for Republican candidates want a set of policies that increase their safety, security, and prosperity. That sounds suspiciously like an America First agenda. Establishment Republicans may have difficulty prioritizing the people who live here and making their lives better. It will be especially tough for those who favor military adventurism and the Chamber of Commerce. Perhaps their tenure needs to come to an end.

What Republicans should not be doing is unveiling plans that include amnesty for millions of illegal aliens as seven House members are:

Messaging is not something that the Republican party embraces. I have been lambasted on numerous occasions in the social media era for merely suggesting that the Republican party might want to tell a better story.

I was called a “sell-out” for wanting the GOP to embrace the 21st century and pitch a story that would make undecided voters show up for them. The Capitol Hill Club Republicans all live in 1988. The new stuff scares them.

Because they can’t tell the story, November remains very much in contention.

The Republican party is very good at finding ways to destroy a decisive advantage. It has never had this kind of first-half lead. There is no time to rest. Continuing the football analogy, it is time to start the second half with a few bombs downfield.

Dear Republican Party: now is not the time to rest.

Just ask the Super Bowl LI Atlanta Falcons about that.

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