Having finished serving an 18-month sentence for sending obscene material to a minor, former congressman Anthony Weiner, like many disgraced Democrats before him, is plotting a comeback.

But, if his first TV appearance since becoming a free man is any indication, that comeback will not be successful. On Monday, Weiner appeared on Fox News alongside Guardian Angels founder and former Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa to promote their new weekly show, The Left vs. The Right, on 77 WABC Radio. During the interview, Weiner was asked by Sean Hannity if he’s a changed man since serving his time.

“I guess the first question that I have is, you pled guilty, Anthony, to sending obscene materials to a young girl, 15-year-old girl … You served jail time. Have you changed? Are you a different person?”

“Well, um, I think so,” Weiner ambiguously replied. “I don’t think anyone can go through that kind of experience — and I think this is probably true of people who have been through other types of adversity — I don’t think you go through that type of experience and don’t emerge changed,” Weiner explained.

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Hannity wasn’t satisfied.

“That’s an obscure answer — ‘I think so.’ Either you know in your heart if you changed or you know … if you didn’t change,” Hannity said. “Can you assure people, because you’re going to now try and draw in an audience, and they’re going to want to know if you changed or not. Have you changed?”

Weiner told Hannity that people “can judge for themselves.”

“I’m not out to persuade you or anyone else that I’ve changed. I mean, I am doing a radio show and people can call and ask me questions. We did one this past Saturday where people had an opportunity to call in, and where Curtis asked me a bunch of questions, and I asked and answered the best I can,” Weiner said.

“But in terms of like, I’m trying to draw someone, you know, I’m not trying to make someone like me or someone be persuaded of any particular outlook on me,” Weiner continued. “We’re going to have some conversations about things going on in New York City and other places, and hopefully, people will tune in to the show. But I’m not terribly interested in trying to make them feel any differently about me.”

And Weiner thinks he’s going to make a comeback? Hannity humiliated him in this interview because Weiner couldn’t find it in himself to say that he’s changed since his 18-month incarceration at the Federal Medical Center at Devens, Massachusetts. What the hell is wrong with him?

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